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Anger towards God can either be a horrendous obstacle in our relationship with our eternal Father, or a rocky pathway to deepening our faith in him.

The subject of anger at God is taboo at church, but it certainly comes up regularly in support groups.  It’s a real issue in many of our lives, even if we seem serene on the outline.  Let’s crack open that dark place in our hearts and start finding some grace for ourselves.  Then let’s find a way to bring peace back into our lives.

We get mad at God.

A conversation that you intended to be a prayer to God ended up as a one-sided shouting match. Maybe one of these accusations spilled out of your mouth:

“I HATE the way you made me!”

“You could have stopped me from doing that, but you didn’t.”

“Even though you can heal me, I’m still suffering!”

“Don’t be so silent! Tell me what to do!”

“How can you say you love me when you let such a horrible thing happen to me?”


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