Are These Relationships All Bad?

The women that we let into our hearts are wonderful people!  Just because a relationship is emotionally dependent, doesn’t negate the fact that it meets legitimate needs!  Life is unbearable without connection. For many women, an emotionally dependent relationship is the only thing standing between her and complete despair.

Just like an empty belly, an empty heart will find a way to be filled.  An emotionally dependent relationship could be compared to eating regular meals from the vending machine.  Yes, it is devoid of most of our nutritional necessities, but it fills us temporarily.  We would feel much worse if we skipped eating completely.

If you find yourself panicking when you think about backing off from an enmeshed relationship, keep in mind that you will not be transitioning from her into nothingness.  You will be transitioning from an incomplete emotional plate to a more satisfying one.

Healthy relationships with several people are much more stable and satisfying. Balanced relationships allow time for self, for God, for others.  They don’t drain us emotionally but rather, they recharge us.