Those of us who choose to pursue healing for homosexuality build a foundation on truths like these:

We did not choose to feel this way. Homosexual desires came to us unbidden and unwelcome. We believe that homosexuality is a complex condition that begins developing at a very early age. Therefore, men and women with homosexual feelings should never be treated with contempt or ostracized because of their homosexuality. We DO, however, choose how we will behave.
It doesn’t always feel like we have much of a choice. No one determines our behavior but ourselves.

People aren’t born gay. There are some personality traits that are more typical to those who discover that they are attracted to the same sex. But those traits were given to us by God, and originally intended to be a blessing. Inborn characteristics and interests can interact with a person’s experiences, perceptions and relationships. This is the crucible where homosexual tendencies often form.

Change is possible. Many, many people have left homosexuality.

Freedom from homosexuality or lesbianism does not happen suddenly. It is a healing that occurs in stages. Transformation comes as a person forges a vital relationships with God, with themselves, with others, and eventually with the opposite gender.

Forgiveness is available to all. No one is beyond redemption. “Whosoever will, may come.” You are of infinite value to God.

Battles with sexual temptation are common to all humanity. Male and female, heterosexual or homosexual – we all have to learn to take the reigns of our sexual desires. God calls everyone to sexual purity.

Opposite-sex romance is neither the goal nor the proof of healing from homosexuality. Simplistically stated, the goal is:

  • -Peace with God
  • -Enjoying who He’s made us
  • -Loving and being loved by others

Heterosexuality is the Creator’s intent for the human race. Male and female were created in the image of God. Both are necessary to reflect that image. He has designed us to function in tandem; complimenting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Both male and female are of equal value in God’s sight.

Same sex attractions are not sinful. Temptation of any kind does not constitute a sin. Even Jesus was tempted. Lusting after someone, however, according to the Bible, is a sin.

We believe that everyone has the right to choose their course in life. God has given us the gift of free will. If you choose to follow homosexuality, it does not necessarily mean that you have turned your back on God, although it will take its toll on your spiritual life. Nor has He turned His back on you.