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Three Potential Solutions:  Breaking it off, Cutting Communications Temporarily, or Fix It On the Fly

Option 1- Break it off?

Cutting contact with the other woman is the ideal potential solution.  A split should be seriously considered. Like diving into a cold swimming pool, or suddenly ripping off the bandage, there is great relief available to those with the decisiveness to end the relationship completely. Continue reading ‘OPTIONS: Break It Off or Stay In It? (Emotional Dependency Series, Part 7)’ »

This the first post is a series of articles for women who are too close.  We will be looking at the causes of emotional dependency, the hazards, and the alternatives.

What IS Emotional Dependency?

Continue reading ‘A LITTLE TOO CLOSE (Introduction to the Emotional Dependency Series)’ »

Why Do We Get Into These Relationships?

Exactly where does this gigantic hole in my heart come from?  What created it?  Why does it keep sucking me in?

It is my hope that if you have some idea why you have a propensity towards dependent relationships, you will have some grace on yourself.  Just because you have found yourself enmeshed with another woman doesn’t mean you need to label yourself beyond hope or, “born gay.”

Secondarily, identifying the roots of emotional dependency will help you understand why this is not something that can be solved overnight.  A seed can’t be, “cured” of it’s diminutive size. You won’t have someone cast a demon out of you and find yourself free forever more. The dependency habit won’t go away just because you met the, “right person.” You won’t say just say a special prayer and be emotionally healthy. If that were possible, we could pray for such things as an instant college diploma or a sudden healing to the extra 30 pounds we have put on since high school. We are people in process, and there is a beginning, middle and END. Continue reading ‘WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME? (Emotional Dependency Series, Part 5)’ »