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Those of us who choose to pursue healing for homosexuality build a foundation on truths like these:

We did not choose to feel this way. Homosexual desires came to us unbidden and unwelcome. We believe that homosexuality is a complex condition that begins developing at a very early age. Therefore, men and women with homosexual feelings should never be treated with contempt or ostracized because of their homosexuality. We DO, however, choose how we will behave.
It doesn’t always feel like we have much of a choice. No one determines our behavior but ourselves.

People aren’t born gay. There are some personality traits that are more typical to those who discover that they are attracted to the same sex. But those traits were given to us by God, and originally intended to be a blessing. Inborn characteristics and interests can interact with a person’s experiences, perceptions and relationships. This is the crucible where homosexual tendencies often form.

Change is possible. Many, many people have left homosexuality.