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Three Potential Solutions:  Breaking it off, Cutting Communications Temporarily, or Fix It On the Fly

Option 1- Break it off?

Cutting contact with the other woman is the ideal potential solution.  A split should be seriously considered. Like diving into a cold swimming pool, or suddenly ripping off the bandage, there is great relief available to those with the decisiveness to end the relationship completely. Continue reading ‘OPTIONS: Break It Off or Stay In It? (Emotional Dependency Series, Part 7)’ »

Every good quality that is embodied in woman has originated with God.

She was His idea. She reflects His character traits in a way that man cannot.

Why is this an Important Topic?

Most of us who contend with gender identity issues have absorbed harmful misconceptions about the value of women and their specific traits. Others of us deeply long for the mother who was so inaccessible in our childhood.  We might see one of the genders as inferior to the other, rather than a balanced system that reflects God’s true nature.  Understanding the value of the feminine must come from understanding how much God values our female soul. Continue reading ‘GOD HAS A FEMININE SIDE’ »